Why Your Wedding Makeup Artist is Your Most Important Supplier

Your wedding is arguably the best and biggest day of your life – and planning one is no mean feat. Unless you’re having a totally intimate, low-key wedding, it’s likely you will be encountering all sorts of suppliers and wedding industry professionals. Caterers, bands, photographers, venue hosts…the list goes on! 

But who is the most important? Each element of your wedding forms the whole, but we are of the opinion that your makeup and hair artist is THE most important when it comes to planning a wedding? Don’t agree or want to find out why we think this? Let us explain…

An Intimate Experience

For the most part, a lot of your wedding planning can be done either remotely or at arms-length. You might be poring over a table plan with your wedding planner, but they’re not going to be milimetres from your face for hours, on the most important day of your life. Having a wedding hair and makeup artist you can trust is so key to the enjoyment of your day. You want to feel that you can be yourself, share your excitement and even tears in the company of your artist without any awkwardness. That’s why the trial ahead of the wedding is also paramount – you can start building that relationship from the very beginning, right up until you say “I do”. Your makeup artist can add such joy to your day, if you’ve picked the right one.

Photographic Evidence

No matter how amazing your photographers are, if you’ve gone with an artist who you don’t gel with or who has just done what they ‘think’ you will like, this will be captured and show up in your photographers for years and years to come. To avoid this, it’s super important to choose an artist you can share your bridal inspo with and who will be real with you as to whether it’s achievable or not and if another style or look may complement you more effectively (with your explicit agreement!). Make sure you get pictures to be proud of by picking the right bridal makeup and hair artist.

How you feel is key

Good photographs or not, if you don’t feel good about the outside, you certainly won’t feel good on the inside. You don’t want to look back and remember feeling uncomfortable or not quite ‘you’. The aim is to make you feel effortlessly beautiful; a better version of yourself and why ruin that by worrying that your wedding makeup is a little ‘off’? Having a good hair and makeup artist with whom you can have a full consultation with and whom you fully trust can be the difference between a good and a bad day. 

Memories last a lifetime

Let’s be honest – usually, not everything goes to plan at weddings, but you’ll definitely remember how beautiful you felt in your dress and makeup, rather than whether or not the meal was served a little lukewarm! It’s all about you and your partner embarking on your new life together and your hair and makeup artist should make you feel like the best version of yourself – find one that ensures you look back on your wedding with warmth and joy.

How important is choosing a wedding hair and makeup artist to you? 

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