Frequently Asked Questions

We travel anywhere, however, there may be additional traveling time charged for on top of the expenses. 
Please let us know the full postcode and time you need to be ready by at the time of inquiry so that we can include this in your quote.
Accommodation costs and day rates are applicable to destination weddings.

Ideally, as soon as you are ready to. 

We get booked up 1 to 2 years in advance in some cases, but we also cater for fairly last-minute requests and bookings so please get in touch and we will check the team’s availability for you.

It is not mandatory, however it is recommended. The aim of the trial is to try out a few different hair and/or makeup styles so that you make the right choice for your wedding day and feel completely comfortable and like the very best version of yourself!

Even if you know exactly what look you want then at the very least it’s a good test run for you to know exactly how things will go on day of the wedding, and make sure that you are 100% happy with the look so there are no surprises!

We recommend trials anywhere from 1-3 months prior to your wedding day. 

This time frame usually ensures that you know what you will be wearing on the day which may sway hairstyling decisions in particular.  It also allows you time to think about what hair and/or makeup styles you would like and considered the addition of any hair accessories. 

If you have your trial too far in advance then you may change your mind which could result in additional costs and a re-trial.

The best thing you can do is have a google around or set yourself up a Pinterest board. 

We have images on the website and social media so feel free to have a look around those but also online for your others which we can easily recreate for you.

Be realistic in your search. Find pictures of hairstyles that you like that have similar tones to your own hair, and be mindful of heavily airbrushed and retouched images of makeup as these will be a lot heavier once applied in real life.

Weekends are extremely busy with us working on weddings and other events so ideally, we see our lovely brides for their trials in the week – both in the day and evenings – wherever possible. This means that your trial is not rushed and relaxed, and we can dedicate ourselves fully to finding your perfect look for your special day. 

Camilla sees her clients at her home studio in North London and the team can travel to your preferred location.

The most any one of us would look after alone is the bride plus 3 or 4 others for both hair and makeup.

We can bring additional artists from the team to look after as many of the bridal party (and guests) if you would like. 

Time constraints, however, may call for more than one artist for fewer people in which case an additional charge may be incurred.

There is no time limit on the trial but usually, a hair and makeup trial will last around 2 hours and around 1 hour for hair or makeup on its own.

If your hair is being washed for a blow-dry then your hair will need to be done first, otherwise, we usually apply makeup first so as not to ruin any styling or sweeping fringe placement by moving the hair to apply makeup. 

It’s not the end of the world if you want to work it the other way around though!

We can offer discount packages on larger group bookings and we can offer seasonal and midweek discounts during our less busy times.

We require a 40% deposit to secure your booking with your chosen artist and the remaining balance isn’t due until the wedding day itself but this can be settled in advance if you prefer.

Trial costs are due on the day of the trial and no deposit is taken for these.

We are firm believers that not one size fits all. There are so many new and innovative products being released onto the market all the time created by a whole host of different brands. As trends and technology evolve, so do the products in our makeup and hair kits.

We use a wide variety of makeup brands such as Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tillbury Nars, MAC, Dior, Urban Decay, Illamasqua… the list goes on!

Yes, we have lots of different products in our makeup armoury with a range of formulas, and we have a few tricks and miracle worker products to combat problem areas. 

If you have any severe allergies, or products that you know do not work for you, then please let us know at the time of booking.

Some of our artists offer airbrushing as an alternative method to traditional makeup applications, and at an additional cost.

We will let you know which lip products we have used at the trial should you wish to purchase your own, alternatively, we can swab a bit of lipstick onto a cotton bud but ideally, you will buy your own lipstick to reapply throughout the day.

All other makeup should stay in place but unless you plan on no eating, drinking (or kissing) throughout the day then the lips will most definitely need to be reapplied!