Terms & Conditions

This agreement is made between CJC Hair & Makeup and the client as detailed in the confirmation email, which forms part of the contract. Any changes to the booking (such as but not limited to dates, locations and the number of clients) must be made in writing/email and agreed with CJC Hair & Makeup.
If due to non-availability, CJC Hair & Makeup transfers the client’s booking to another hairstylist and makeup artist, the client will enter into another contract with the substituted hairstylist and makeup artist.
If the client enters into a new agreement with a substituted hairstylist and makeup artist, then CJC Hair & Makeup has no legal responsibility or on-going liability to the client in connection with the booking.

CJC Hair & Makeup will hold provisional bookings confirmed by telephone for a period of 48 hours and the appointment will become final upon the safe receipt of the confirmation email and deposit, which is 40% of the booking. The deposit amount will be deducted from the total amount on the final payment. CJC Hair & Makeup will acknowledge receipt of the deposit via email and confirm this as the final booking. The remaining balance is then paid on the day, along with the travel/call-out charge if applicable.

In the event that the booking deposit is not received by Camilla J Collins – Hair & Make Up Artist then the provisional booking will lapse and the date will become available to another client. If the deposit is received late then the date will still be made available to the client if it has not been booked by another client.

The booking deposit must be received within 48 hours of receipt of the deposit request email in order to reserve the date, unless paying by cheque in which case it should be received within 5 working days. The payment can be made by cheque to “Camilla Collins” and sent to 6 Linkside, London, N12 7LF.

The deposit is non-refundable or transferable.

If the client wishes to alter the booked date, the deposit paid for the original date is non-refundable or transferable, unless specifically agreed by CJC Hair & Makeup Artist.

The final balance of the payment is due in cash on the day of the wedding upon completion of the agreed service or if preferred by the client payment can be made in advance of the wedding day by Bank Transfer/BACS.

It is strongly recommended that a trial appointment is booked to agree on a style and procedure for the wedding day. Trial appointments are charged separately and payment is required either in advance or is to be made directly to the artist on the day of the appointment by cash. Several hairstyles and makeup looks may be tried at the trial appointment until the client chooses their preferred style and make-up for the wedding day.

Any requested changes after the initial trial date may result in a further trial appointment for which an additional charge will be made.

If the client is unhappy or dissatisfied in any way with the service supplied prior to or during the trial then she must notify CJC Hair & Makeup Artist immediately or within 24 hours of the trial appointment. Further services may be supplied entirely at the discretion of CJC Hair & Makeup Artist.

Travel charges may vary depending on location. Travel is charged at 50 pence per mile with the minimum travel call out fee being £15. Travel charges cover petrol and traveling to and from location of bookings and appointments.

If a client has booked a trial through CJC Hair & Makeup and wishes to cancel or amend the appointment, this should be done within 48 hours of making the initial appointment. Notification should be given by email or telephone.

If a client makes a booking and has a trial with any member of the CJC Hair and Makeup team and is not totally satisfied with the service they will receive a 100% refund of their deposit providing they notify CJC Hair and Makeup within 24 hours of the trial appointment taking place and so long as the main booking to which the trial relates to remains outside the 12-week boundary, set out in the terms and conditions. If a client is not totally satisfied with their trial and wishes to cancel their booking and has booked with CJC Hair & Makeup within the 12-week boundary then any deposit refunds will be decided on a case by case basis at the discretion of CJC Hair & Makeup.

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking, this should be confirmed by email or telephone as soon as possible. Deposits are non-refundable or transferable, however, terms of cancellation will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the refund of a deposit may be possible dependent on the circumstances or if a new booking is able to replace it.

It is the responsibility of the client when booking and paying the deposit to secure any member of the CJC Hair & Makeup team for their wedding day appointment that the trial appointment is booked immediately, ensuring that they remain outside the 12-week boundary, set out in the terms and conditions.

This is a mandatory requirement to remain eligible for a full refund, should they have a trial and not be totally satisfied. In the event that the client is unable to make the trial appointment outside the 12 week period, they should inform CJC Hair & Makeup immediately.

At any time a client is dissatisfied with the trial service and has paid a deposit to secure a wedding appointment the client reserves the right to cancel the booking if done within 24 hours of the trial appointment, providing they are outside the 12-week boundary and abide by the terms and conditions.