Hot weather and looking flawless don’t exactly go together. There’s the humidity either flattening your hair or frizzing it, the shine beaming from your face or mascara smudging under your eyes, and let’s not get started on the awkward sweat patches!

There are a few things you can do to combat all these things but today we are going to cover the makeup side of things.  So without further ado, here are my top 5 tips for wearing makeup in the summer time.


The summer time is when we stow away our heavy foundations in our drawers and make way for lighter tinted moisturisers, BB/CC creams (if you don’t know what there are then click here) or more fluid and lighter coverage bases. Firstly, heavy bases generally look over the top on people in the summer and secondly, as you are catching more sun, your colouring is going to change and so it is far easier to match lighter coverage bases with your complexion. For any areas that need a bit more coverage then apply a heavier concealer, or your heavier base, to just that area. Always make sure that you have SPF of at least 30 in your base, and if not then ensure you put sunscreen underneath your makeup. SPF should be worn all year round but you might want to up the coverage in the sunnier months to avoid redness and skin damage.


While wearing black clothes may help with the appearance of sweat patches, it does the opposite on your skin. If you use kohl or dark shadows around your eyes then you’re asking for trouble. Even the most carefully applied eyeshadow will drop slightly as we blink throughout the day and touch our face but when you add heat into the mix, it’s guaranteed. Sunlight in our eyes can cause them to water but it’s more the sweat coming from our skin that causes darker pigments to smudge and smear under our eyes and make us look far from fresh!  Speaking of which…


If you’re going to wear eye shadow in the summer then make sure you put a primer on. Our eyelids can secrete sweat and cause shadows to line and crease which isn’t a great look. Eye shadow primer, or even a lashing of a cream concealer, will help keep your shadow in place.


Remember those oil blotting sheets from back in the day?? Well, they still exist!  These oil soaking sheets are super useful for blotting off excess sweat without running the risk of accidently leaving tissue stuck to your face!  Oil blotting sheets beat tissue hands down as they have a smooth surface and won’t leave the imprint of fibres on your base and will also remove just the excess sweat and not too much of the makeup when patted on, unlike tissue.


Powder and sweat don’t mix and it will cake. Opt for a cream blush in the summer time, or if you don’t have one then a little bit of lipstick on your cheeks works a treat too! Putting primer on your eyelids will help keep shadows in place but as for setting your makeup, ensure that you do it with a setting spray and not powder. Setting sprays have amazing staying power although they can look quite dewy, so you may want to opt for a mattifying setting spray instead – Urban Decay do a great one!

So there are a few little pointers that should keep your makeup in good stead throughout the warmer months. But really, the best way to stop makeup moving around is to wear less of it.

It’s summer so relax the makeup regime a little, let your skin breathe and embrace the naturally gorgeous you!

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