Why personal image really matters in creating a great impression

The very first impression anyone has of you when they meet you is what you look like. It’s a simple fact – your eyes take in what they can see first. 

Personal image might be something you don’t really think about, hoping that people take you because of who you are and not what you look like. While this is to an extent true, did you know that within just the first 7 seconds of meeting, people already have a solid first impression of who you are. Some research suggests just a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits such as trustworthiness!

So, it’s because of this that we know that making that great first impression is super important when you want to succeed and have people feel positively towards you.

Still not convinced? Here’s why working on your personal image is a must for making that all-important first impression.

People need to trust and like you

You’re the only person in control of the way you are perceived! A good personal image will support you in being perceived with authenticity, honesty and reliability.

It’s a confidence booster

If you feel confident about your appearance, you will feel confident about your actions and therefore, you are more willing to succeed. Looking good and feeling good is a simple recipe for success! 

You’re in control

Imagine if you walked into a five star restaurant and every waiter was covered in dirt and the tables weren’t cleared? You’d walk out. A good, groomed personal image shows that you are well put together, and are in control of the situation!

People like people

First and foremost, people like making connections with people, not businesses or brands. Think about your own experiences – wouldn’t you rather connect with someone who is dressed and made up nicely, looking like they’ve put in the effort?

We know that your visual image has a lot to do with public perceptions – and  the goal is to create positive and enduring impressions in your first encounters and throughout relationships. But don’t forget, these impressions are also shaped by your actions and go beyond a polished appearance to reflect respect, manners, care and consideration for others. 

But we also know that having a polished image definitely helps!

We work with corporations and luxury brands to help them create a strong personal image that draws the right people and opportunities towards them. We can help you in creating a perfect personal image for your corporate event. 

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