Wedding day fake tan

Back when we were younger, the options for fake-tanning were limited and we all have at least one story about a tanning mishap that we look back on and cringe!   Often, brides would steer well clear of fake tanning in order to avoid streaking or the dreaded tango look on their big day!

Nowadays though, there are so many great, improved options on the market, that the majority of paler skinned brides are choosing to add a bit of tan to their wedding day makeup routine.

There are so many benefits to adding a little bit of fake tan to your wedding day look, whether it be a spray-tan, rub in cream, or even a shower gel or moisturiser. Not only does a nice, natural looking glow make you look and feel healthier on the day, it can also make you appear slimmer and more toned. What’s not to love?!

Here are a few of our favourites and best suggestions.


A particular favourite from the good-ole days (and one which is still very popular) is Ambre Solaire Bronzer Body Mist.  There are a lot of body mists on the market nowadays, but what is great about this one, is the wide angle nozzle and fine spray mist combination, which gives you a great even coverage.

If you hold it far enough away from the skin (about 20cm) and spray in a circular motion, you should be able to achieve a pretty even, natural coverage.

Tanning creams can be a bit trickier. It is on average much more difficult to get an even spread over your whole body, especially on the legs, and it’s not something we would recommend. A tanning cream glow can be really nice and subtle, but often when re-applying it can strip off previous layers and leave you looking streaky. So be warned!

If you’re applying your own cream or spray tan, a tanning mitt is a great bit of kit! A mitt allows you to buff the product onto every part of your body, ensuring the most even and streak free glow possible.

Leave it to the professionals

If you decide to go for the professional option spray tan, due-diligence is always recommended. Check reviews for your local salons or therapists, and always test the product way in advance of your wedding.

You may wish to go for a product with added vitamins and Aloe Vera, for that extra, healthy skin boosting bonus, or you may wish to go for a brand with a wider range of colour tones and DHA percentage. Your professional will be able to go through the options with you.

If you’re not sure what DHA percentage means – it is the amount of the glycerine derived active ingredient in a product, which reacts with your dead skin cells to create the desired darkening effect.

Again, with cream applications, it’s a lovely experience having a full body St Tropez. It’s just like getting a massage really, but the effect is not always as strong as you’d like it, and can still end up a bit streaky in places too. However, a nice, natural glow can be achieved if applied correctly.

Preparing the skin

Before any fake tan, be it a DIY or a professional job, the most important thing to do is to exfoliate. This will ensure that the tan spreads evenly and lasts for longer. Exfoliating mitts are great for this and can be picked up in any high street beauty store.

Don’t over moisturise just before tanning, and certainly not after. Avoid any oil based products for several days after your tan, as these could potentially strip some of it and leave you looking streaky. Do not use chlorinated swimming pools. If you have dry skin around your knees and elbows, you should apply a bit moisturiser to them before you tan to allow the tan to spread evenly around those trickier areas. If you’re having a professional spray tan, your beauty therapist should ask you to do this before they begin.

The one thing you don’t want on your wedding day is an unintentionally orange dress! For this reason, try to steer clear of any instant tan sprays or creams, or any fake tan products with bronzer in them. Your professional spray tan will be fairly safe around your wedding dress a couple days after application but always check with your professional what the best practice for their chosen product is.

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