Throwing back again to some time ago… June 2017 to be exact.  And that day I had the pleasure of looking after the lovely bride Petra and her bridal party at The York and Albany.

It was a SCORCHING hot day but thankfully the venue was well ventilated and we had air con!


Although I’ve known Petra and Jeremy for many years, we haven’t been in constant contact so I was really chuffed when they asked me to look after the bridal party on their special day.  Since then our friendship has blossomed and it’s so lovely to look back on this day as I not only had the pleasure of being there for Petra but I also see it as the catalyst for the wonderful friendship we have now.


The York and Albany is a lovely pub, restaurant and boutique hotel on Parkway in Camden.  I had dined and enjoyed drinks there on a few occasions in the past but I had no idea of the wonderful space available upstairs. Joana Saramago was on hand to capture all the special moments of the day and responsible for these wonderful photos.

I had the lovely Becky assisting me on the day and we started the wedding hair and makeup prep in the room that the ceremony was being held before heading upstairs to the bridal suite for final touches.

Petra decided on an updo for her day and nestled a few sparkly scatter pins in the style to give it that extra special touch. Her makeup was kept relatively neutral with a soft brown, smokey eye teamed with a neutral, pink lip in one of my go-to lipstick shades called ‘Cosmo’ from MAC Cosmetics.


The ceremony room wasn’t big enough to hold all the guests at the wedding but that wasn’t going to stop them using this wonderful venue.  Petra and Jeremy invited family members upstairs for the ceremony and linked up a live stream of the ceremony to all the guests who were enjoying drinks and nibbles at the bar – pure genius and I, of course, expected nothing less from these two!

It was a truly wonderful morning and it’s memories like these that make me so thankful I have chosen the career that I have.

Petra and Jeremy, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your special day and thank you so much for your friendship.



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