Well hello there!

I thought I’d just take a little moment to introduce myself properly and talk a little about the work I do and why I do it. 

So for those that don’t know me, my name is Camilla Collins and I am a London based hairstylist and makeup artist and company owner of Glitter & Glo and CJC Creatives.

Simply put, myself and my team provide a creative makeup based solution tailored to the end market.

Essentially, we change the way people look which in turn changes the way that they feel so that they can perform at their very best: whether that’s in front of friends and family on their wedding day or up on stage in front of a public audience.

Personally, I am not so much interested in cosmetics as I am in people. Makeup is merely the tool that myself and my team are able to use to enhance performance and increase self-confidence within the lovely people that we work with.

We have an award-winning team and I have personally received recognition throughout the years; from the Hitched.co.uk breakthrough awards back in 2012 to the Professional Beauty and The Wedding Industry Awards, both nationwide this year and last.

As a company, we are strong believers that variety is the spice of life which is why we love to work with a variety of people!

We use our skills and knowledge to bring out the very best in the people that we work with and transform them into whoever they want to be.

Year in, year out, we work with a variety of companies such as Google, Louis Vuitton, ITV and Gordon Ramsay, on a variety of projects!  Our services range from getting stars ready for the National TV Awards all the way to providing creative makeup entertainment solutions for their Halloween and Christmas events.

We’ve helped bring creative aspirations to life for many film and photographic directors of music videos and fashion editorials and we’ve also helpedbusy, time-poor professionals get a grip on their appearance quickly and easily in the mornings so that they feel confident to perform at their best for the duration of the day.

And then there are the thousands of women that collectively we have made feel a million dollars for some of the most important days of their lives and we pride ourselves on reducing stress as much as possible in the lead-up.

We’ve worked with actors and reality TV stars such as Gaz from Geordie Shore who we helped get into character for the MTV programme, Spring Break with Grandad.  After 4 hours in the makeup chair we had aged him from his fresh-faced 20’s to 70 years old with a full-on prosthetic transformation. 

When I was younger, I noticed that there was a constant pressure from society and the media to look and ‘be’ a certain way and this has only magnified in recent years.  When you combine this notion with the ever-increasing number of cosmetic products and ‘quick-fixes’ being marketed and pushed at us each day it causes confusion which ends up resulting in low self-esteem within us.

In support of the 3rd UN goal of health, and specifically mental health, I have one particular mission, and that is to simply cut through all this “fluff” and focus on what really matters – which is you and the wonderful unique qualities that make you, you.

As makeup artists, we are predominately working with what is already there. Through makeup, we are not really looking to hide anything. It’s not what you use, it’s how you use it –I not about the specific brands and products, it’s always how you use them.

When working with my clients I am not immediately looking to cover their imperfections but instead, I am searching for their true essence and then creatively finding a way to capitalise on their key qualities to enhance their unique beauty and bring out the very best in them.

By working this way I am not only transforming them externally but also internally 100% of the time.

From an early age, I was fascinated with art and theatre. I loved that art had no boundaries.There were no rules and the final result could never be wrong. 

Through my artwork, I was able to communicate my thoughts and feelings into visuals for other people, and this process validated those specific thoughts and feelings for me.

Personally, this gave me more self-awareness and helped to increase my own self-confidence.

In theatre studies at school and through amateur dramatics I loved exploring personalities and characters.

I loved putting myself in other people’s shoes and finding creative ways to try to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the audience successfully. And from my past experience, I learnt just how important costume is to get into character and to help us truly become and play a particular part.

I believe every single one of us could benefit from a free space to work in.

I believe self-expression should have no limits and I always encourage creativity to freely tap into our unique qualities and enhance ourselves in whatever way we want to; whether that’s communicating your playful side with a bold lipstick or conveying your organisational skills via a neat and tidy hairstyle. 

By physically capitalising on particular qualities within ourselves we are able to visually communicate our abilities and translate our personalities successfully to the people we come across each and every single day.

I believe confidence counts for a lot and it’s something I know we all wish we had more of.

When you look your best, you perform at best. Fact.

And what’s wonderful about makeup and styling is that through careful consideration on what you’re putting on the outside you automatically become more familiar with what’s on the inside and as a result, confidence is created within.

So for whatever limelight you’re about to be in, be it in a work or social capacity, I’d love to have a chat with you to explore how we can help you in putting your best self forward.

When working with is, we promise you 3 things:

We will reduce your stress and keep you relaxed.

We will increase your confidence.

And we will lift you up and elevate your mood, big time!

So that you not only look your very best, but also FEEL your very best and thus perform to your true potential.


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