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Momentous life events bring a huge amount of pressure.

Milestone events like getting married, changing career, or having a baby, can feel overwhelming at the time but no one talks about the void that can come afterwards.

After the stress and excitement are gone, it’s normal to feel a lack of motivation, or a sense of emptiness or loneliness.

Planning for big life events means you put off other things, but eventually you have to face those things again – which are then magnified – and this can bring up feelings of disappointment, stress, and just a general sense of being lost.

However, putting the focus back on you and having a clear plan of daily action will get your confidence, enjoyment, and fulfilment back in no time. So let me help you.

My name is is Camilla, 

I am a confidence and lifestyle coach, author of the best selling book #NoFilterNeeded, and the founder of CJC Hair & Makeup.

I help women put the focus back on themselves and create a clear plan of action so that they can get their self-confidence and mojo back. 

Having something to look forward to is a huge motivator… but once it’s over?  Well, reality can hit like a tonne of bricks!

Many women just like you tell me they wished they’d had more support transitioning through life events such as their wedding day, career moves, or finding themselves again after pregnancy.

And that’s exactly why I created INNERGISE to get women over 30 back to their best selves so that they can feel proud and confident in who they are.

If you’ve read this far, the chances are you’re sick and tired of trying things that don’t work, or don’t last, because life is constantly in getting in the way. 

And you’ve had enough of feeling overwhelmed, demotivated, and confused about how to make life work better for you – I hear ya, I’ve been there too! 

So, if you’re done with trying, but never fully reaching or sustaining your goals, and want a clear plan of action that works for you to get a damn handle on it once and for all, then you’re in the right place!

INNERGISE will not only restore manageability and order to your days (hurrah!) but it will create more time by fully embedding the habits and routine you need to continue thriving on autopilot week in, week out.

so, Join me

On a highly motivational 8-week journey where you’ll not only create, but implement, a healthier and happier lifestyle strategy that allows you to be the very best version of you so you can feel proud and confident with who you are.
Together we will develop an easy-to-adopt lifestyle plan that fits you and your busy schedule that will streamline your days, and have your energy levels soaring!
You’ll learn how to:

Manage your time more effectively.

Overcome procrastination.

And eliminate unnecessary stress and overwhelm.

You’ll gain more time in your weeks to focus on the things that matter most to you.
You’ll learn how to eat smarter and exercise more efficiently so you can hit your goals in less time and with minimal resistance and ease.
You’ll gain knowledge, insights, and the tools to ensure you don’t fall off track – or if you do, you can get back on it quickly and easily.

In just 8 weeks you will have fully embedded the necessary habits to keep you motivated and energised every day and your new lifestyle will be sustainable long-term – no matter what life throws at you – you’ll never need to go on a health kick, crash diet, or extreme workout regime ever again!
You’ll gain some serious traction on yourself with consistency, accountability, and can expect a huge surge in your confidence.
 By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have nailed a routine that you love, which runs on autopilot, and I promise you that it’ll be near impossible to even imagine going back to your old ways!

As well as 1-2-1 guidance from me there is an awesome community of like minded women who are on the same journey as you, so you’ll not only learn from their experiences but also feel understood and fully supported by them.

Here's What they have to Say

But that's not all...

At the end of the 8 weeks, you get to celebrate your newfound confidence and capture your very best self during a photoshoot session with renowned fitness and lifestyle photographer Matt Marsh (worth £300)

And not only this…

You will also receive a 1-2-1 power hour session (worth £349) with me to deep dive on anything that may be holding you back; whether it’s a lack of clarity and direction, relationship issues, or just general mindset – we will get it sorted!


You get your very own app


What you fuel your body with and how you conduct your days directly impacts how you look and feel which in turn dictates your outlook on life and your feelings towards yourself and your abilities.

Through your CJC Coaching app you will receive:

  • A super flexible nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals to ensure your energy levels are high, your mood elevated… and your skin is sparkling with luminosity!
  • Personalised SMART goals and your very own tailored habit tracker.     
  • Tailored workout plan specific to your abilities, equipment access and goal(s.) – This is optional, I won’t make you work out if you really don’t want to
  • Dietary advice as and when needed.
  • Weekly progress checks-ins and feedback
  • 24/7 direct message contact 

INNERGISE reignites your fire, reminds you of what lights you up, rebuilds your confidence, and gives you the tools to reclaim your identity, making each and every week energising and exciting.

You will Also Learn How to:


  • Access to our online CLINIC for all things mindset, productivity, confidence building, health and wellbeing
  • Access to a supportive, inspiring, and motivating community of like minded women
  • Live group coaching sessions
  • Weekly block busting coaching calls
  • Live sessions and Q&As with top health and wellness pros, and guest speakers
  • Tools and resources that make it easy for you to take action
  • Custom nutrition plan tailored to you and your goals from our in house sports nutritionist, Tom Blackman
  • Custom fitness and workout plan tailored to your abilities and accessibility (if required)
  • Tailored SMART goals and bespoke habit tracking to report to directly in the CJC Coaching app
  • Weekly check-ins, coaching, and guidance
  • 24/7 direct messaging support in app


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Sophie Haden-Scott
Read More
Camilla is a wonderful speaker, she has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that inspired me to make changes to the way I see & treat myself! Camilla has an engaging manner and keeps everyone gripped in her online seminars.
Holly Brink
Read More
Words cannot fairly express how wonderful Camilla is. Having to plan a marriage in Covid times wasn’t easy & I honestly think without her I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Not only is she truly gifted at what she does - I mean out of this world amazing - but she went above & beyond to help me - showing such kindness & support that I will forever be grateful for.
Gillian Baum
Read More
Camilla is the consummate professional. Easy going, lovely to work with and an honest to God lovely person.
Grace Viccary
Read More
Camilla is a bubbly and practical coach who knows the importance of energy, setting intentions, and carrying out goals. I recommend her to anyone looking to jump start an area of your life that has remained dormant for far too long. She knows how to focus you in the right direction.
Jeannie McGillivray
Read More
Oh I do love you Camilla! That was so reassuring. There are so many plusses to tell you!! I'm so much fitter and more buoyant in my body! I went on a really hilly 2 hour walk on Sunday and loved every minute of it. I've lost 5lbs and I haven't let a singly naughty morsel past my lips!!
Holly Brink
Read More
There are a few people in life who just truly shine & Camilla is without a doubt one of them. I highly recommend her for not only her amazing skills but her warm, kind & supportive manner. She really helped me to feel beautiful both inside & out.
Olivia Warner
Read More
The workshops are great! I've been incorporating bits that spoke to me - things like thinking about food and drink and if it made me happy - and giving myself something to do each day. I haven't filled in the workbooks but have used them as a tool to remember and guide me. Being completely honest I'm not someone who would normally take part in something like this but it's really helped me!
Sian Hughes Cooke
Read More
Camilla gave an authentic high energy presentation at the Bridelux awards to motivate and inspire the room of attendees to achieve their goals. It was thoughtful and enjoyable. Thank you !
Lucy McLoughlin
Read More
Camilla is very knowledgeable, full of enthusiasm and energy and she is gorgeous too, both inside and out. One Power Woman who knows how to get the best out of life!

Camilla formed CJC Hair & Makeup in 2010 to make brides look and feel their most confident and beautiful on their wedding day, but in order for brides to truly be their most radiant selves, more support and guidance needs to be provided both in the lead-up to the big day, and after.

And that is why she launched CJC Coaching in 2019 which combines her own confidence, mindset, and lifestyle coaching techniques with that of leading experts in mental health, nutrition, and fitness to raise your self-awareness, provide your with clarity, and inspire and motivate you to step into – and be – your best self so you can live your life to it’s fullest potential.

Camilla believe’s in building sustainable and long lasting change (no quick fixes around here!) so everything that she curates for her workshops and programmes are designed to serve you in all areas of your life; not just for now but long into your future.

with a percentage of profit from every member being donated to them