Hair & Makeup Assistant

Beth qualified as a makeup artist with a degree in makeup for Film, TV, Media and special effects.

She has always been passionate about art and with one of the major expressions of art being makeup it made sense to revolve her career around it!

She loves learning new skills, being inspired, and challenged.

She takes pride in creating beautiful looks and hopes to be fortunate enough to do what she loves for the rest of her life.

Working frequently within the Film and TV industry, she’s learnt that a calm nature and being punctual are crucial for everything to run smoothly, especially in times of panic!

She loves the creativity and collaboration when being on set; seeing a look finally come together is the most exciting part for her!

Whilst working in film and TV Beth also freelances on music videos, photo shoots, adverts, weddings and prosthetics.

Prosthetics is her passion and something which she is planning to pursue full time in the future.

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13 quote

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