Digital Coaching Course


taking Brides-To-Be from stressed out and over-whelmed

to in-control and confident

Congratulations on your engagement! 

I’m sure you head is giddy with excitement for the journey you’re about to embark on in creating your dream wedding day!

While it feels super exciting planning your dream wedding, it can also feel overwhelming with so many things to consider; suppliers to organise, family politics to navigate, and some big decisions to make.

Having spent nearly a decade and a half in the wedding industry, looking after lots of lovely brides just like you for their very special day, I’ve seen the common stressors play out over and over again…

Which is why I created Balanced Bride to support you through the trials and tribulations of wedding planning; keeping your mental and physical wellbeing in tact, to ensure that you look and feel your very best on your big day!

I’ll be there with you every step of the way as your personal coach, navigating you through the ups and down of this wild but wonderful journey of wedding planning!

So what exactly can you expect to learn?
Let's take a look shall we…

  • Module 1: Wedding Wealth

    Get clear on your non-negotiables, prioritise, and allocate your funds based on what you personally value. Learn how to navigate those awkward money convos and master the art of wedding budgeting with ease.

  • Module 2: Productivity Pro

    Kick procrastination to the kerb, and unleash your productivity powers with time-blocking techniques and wedding planning hacks. Craft a foolproof task list, and say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion.

  • Module 3: Relationship Resillience

    Discover strategies to better handle personal conflicts and improve communication. Learn how to set boundaries, navigate family politics and fallouts, and enlist the right support around you.

  • Module 4: Supplier Savvy

    Master the art of hiring and managing wedding suppliers, defining your expectations, and communicating effectively. Learn insider tips on keeping all correspondence organised, handling slow responders, and gain confidence in pricing and negotiation.

  • Module 5: Wedding Wellness

    Revamp your daily routine and boost your energy with smart nutrition, hydration, and exercise tips. Discover how to prioritise self-care and handle stress with ease in the lead-up to your big day.

  • Module 6: Beauty Blueprint

    From hair care to skincare, nail care to DIY bridal beauty prep...discover the essential do's and don'ts and create a personalised beauty timeline for your appointments leading up to the big day.

  • Module 7: Stunning Style

    Covering all style considerations from accessories such as jewellery and footwear, all the way to preparing for your hair and makeup trial to create your ultimate dream wedding day look.

  • Module 8: Peak Week Prep

    Learn how to navigate the final week of wedding planning with relaxation techniques, delegation skills, as well as mindset tips and reframes to handle those pre-wedding jitters.

  • Module 9: After The Aisle

    Combat the comedown navigating the post wedding blues, and find your new beginning by realigning your perspective, finding new focus, and kickstarting your next chapter: happily ever after.

These 9 modules will be delivered to you through pre-recorded coaching sessions which you can access via the online portal  (log in details sent after purchase) 

In addition to the course and supporting materials you will also have email access to me should you need help with anything.

so, what are you waiting for…? 

with a percentage of profit from every PURCHASE being donated to them