About Camilla

With a rise in demand for her skills, Camilla formed a fantastic team of talented and reliable hairstylists and makeup artists, with whom she has worked closely with over the years.  

The CJC brand was formed to give more people the friendly and professional 5-star treatment that she believes everyone deserves.

Camilla had a big desire to make specialist creative makeup artistry skills accessible to everyone and not just for Film and TV clients; and so in 2014 Camila created CJC Creatives which provides a theatrical and artistic makeup artistry service for private and corporate events as well as PR, Marketing Campaigns and Brand Activation.

Due to the huge success of the party entertainment services that were initially part of CJC Creatives, she branched the in event party services to form Glitter & Glo in 2017 which provides a roaming entertainment feature of creative glitter embellishments as well as face and body painting services for private parties and corporate events.

As Camilla’s career has developed over the last decade, her offering has also expanded to provide a more all-encompassing service focusing on the inside, as well as the outside, and working with her clients on their self-image as a whole. 

Her biggest learning throughout her career is that true confidence is created from the inside, not what you put on the outside, and this is what she loves to guide people to explore and discover.

Her book, #NoFilterNeeded  – Kicking unobtainable standards to the kerb and reimagining the power within yourself was released in February 2020 and currently available on Amazon.