After the pandemic struck, video calls have become part of everyday life, allowing locked-down people to stay in touch. A lot of companies that had to continue jobs at home used video call platforms, particularly Zoom.

Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, and all sorts of other video conference applications have been so essential in our lives after the pandemic hit. They become a safe way to communicate, and it’s hard living without them nowadays.

However, there is also a downside to this, and some are being viral in a negative way. Remember the conference meeting of a company and the boss turned herself into a potato?

Or these cute children interrupting a BBC News interview:

Before important Zoom meetings begin, people should certainly take some extra time to prepare and make themselves look good. Here are our tips to be presentable and be prepared:

  1. Appearance


We recommend applying makeup before your meeting. Even if you are at home, it is still better to look pleasant and professional when talking online. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it. Your overall makeup look should be simple, subtle, fresh, and not too glamorous, so it would not look too distracting.


a. Skin

Moisturize your skin before applying your makeup. Select the best brand that suits your skin. When you start a look, whether you’re home or not, skincare is utterly essential.

b. Face

Apply a foundation lightly. Select a foundation that matches your skin tone. Add concealer to hide dark spots and blemishes.

c. Eyes

Apply neutral shades of eyeshadow and do not overdo them with glittery and shimmery eyeshadows. Apply a thin liquid eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes pop.

d. Cheeks

You can look washed out in a Zoom call even though it is in HD, so applying a blush would give you more life. Use a blush that’s a little bit more vivid than you would usually wear.

e. Lips

The best way to get the illusion of a full face of makeup is to use bold lip color. Select a color that will match your eyeshadow.


Your hair should be well-groomed in a way that looks neat, professional, and not too fancy.

a. Buns

You can try low knot or high buns. Buns are the most effortless hairstyle to make. Low knot or High buns are often viewed as a professional and sophisticated hairstyle. Works best for long hair.

b. Headband

Easy and only takes a few seconds to do. Select a headband that looks simple. You can either put your hair down or put it in a ponytail.

c. Braids

You can either do a French Braids or Braided Ponytail. Creating braids can be easy or hard for many. You can use this hairstyle if you know how to style this in your hair correctly. Braids are perfect for any occasion, and it looks casual yet professional.

e. Ponytail

Our favorite type of ponytail is the High Ponytail that works best for any event and best for long hair.


We are usually tempted to wear casual, comfortable loungewear while working at home. However, it is much better to look professional during a Zoom conference/meeting. Wear solid color clothing, professional-looking top, which means a blouse with sleeves and a neckline that isn’t too low. Also, wear something that is not too structured and not too fitted so you would still feel comfortable while in a meeting.

2. Environment and Backgrounds

  • Before the meeting, set up your office or room that would look nice as a background. If you are using your room or office, check and make sure that it doesn’t look messy and have appropriate decors.
  • You can add plants in your background to make it look clean and relaxing.
  • To avoid any other person in your home that will unintentionally show up in your background, tell them that you are having a conference/meeting and make sure to lock your room.
  • If you do not want to show your room or your original background, check first the video call application you are using if it has a virtual background. Zoom has virtual background settings. All you have to do is:

a. Download an image or video of your choosing. Always select an appropriate background image.

b. On the desktop app, navigate to Preferences in the settings menu. …

c. You will then see Virtual Backgrounds, where you can choose from the preloaded options, or upload your own by clicking the plus (+) icon to the right of Video Filters.

3. Technical and Equipment

  • Always check your internet connection and speed. You need at least 5mbps to have a clear video call.
  • Thirty minutes before the meeting, see if your phone, laptop, or desktop is working well so you can quickly check for any technical issues. Check the battery of your phone or laptop or plug the power chord to avoid any power disruption.
  • If you have kids and you might have a noisy background, consider using noise-canceling headphones.
  • Before the meeting, check the mic and camera if it works well. Try video calling someone in your home or a friend to see if your screen and sound are clear. You can also review your background and your appearance while doing this.
  • Be on time. Standby ten minutes before the meeting and make sure that you are not late. Punctuality always makes you look good and professional.

Lastly, relax and smile. Smiling is the most powerful tool. You always look presentable when you smile.

Have an excellent Zoom meeting, everyone!

“Confidence comes from being prepared”

-John Wooden

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